Nine Ways to Use Facebook Groups to Increase Engagement at Your Church

Many social media managers have seen Facebook engagement decrease as the Facebook algorithm began to favor posts from individuals over posts from pages.  How can you turn this challenge into an opportunity for your church?  Answer: Facebook Groups!

Advantages of Using Facebook Groups for Your Church

1. Individuals join Facebook Groups instead of pages so Facebook's algorithm values the posts of group members.
2. Allows your Facebook Page to focus on turning potential visitors into visitors and guests into members while allowing your Facebook Group to focus on turning members into disciples.
3. Group members are notified of all group posts. Even if people follow your Facebook page, many of them will not see your posts.
4. Group members can create posts as well.

Ways Churches Can Use Facebook Groups

1. Distribute church announcements
2. Create Facebook events to allow people to indicate attendance and share with others
3. Post weekly prayer targets
4. Share Facebook page posts inside the group
5. Create Facebook Groups for small groups
6. Create Facebook Groups for ministry teams
7. Create Facebook Groups for church committees
8. Create Facebook Groups for pastors at the church
9. Post successes and celebrations involving church members

How does your church use Facebook Groups or other social media tools to increase engagement and promote discipleship?

Let me know in the comments!


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