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25 Ways to Share Your Witness within Your Sphere of Influence

Believe it or not, I don't think you need to shout from the rooftops or make all your friends feel awkward or ashamed to be an effective evangelist.  In many ways, I think evangelism is very similar to marketing. Not in the sense that we treat church like a business or people like customers, but I do think we can all more effectively communicate the message of Jesus Christ.  If done right, you can communicated a way that makes people want to ask you questions to learn about God rather than telling people who aren't ready or have no interest yet.  You can also grow  in your witness by starting within your sphere of influence and then expanding your sphere of influence. Witnessing to Yourself  Recite Scripture daily Recite affirmations daily Witnessing To Your Spouse Pray in front of your spouse Read the Bible in front of your spouse  Talking about your faith with your spouse Encourage your spouse to pray Encourage your spouse to read the Bible Enc