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Raising Kids with a Growth Mindset

Honestly, it's tempting to tell my daughter how smart she is and how special she is to me.  After all, being a father is one of the things that I enjoy most about life. She and I are also extremely close. However, I don't want to look back when she's an adult and wish I had prepared her better for the challenges and successes of life.   Our life is not without its challenges, but we have been truly blessed.  My wife and I have great jobs and we have very little debt (that should be paid off within three months of publishing this post).  As a result, there are few material things or experiences we can't provide for our daughter. Having "made it," our daughter won't have to struggle before adulthood, but that doesn't mean she doesn't need to struggle before adulthood. While it's easy to frame this challenge of parenting as whether to spend money to make her happy (um, no), it's really a more complicated discussion about how to

Why You Need Grit

At some point in life, things will get tough.  We all face challenges.  How we respond to those challenges separates top performers from the rest of the pack.  Here are some life lessons from Grit by Angela Duckworth. Talent is overrated Our culture is obsessed with talent.  We idolize athletes, singers, and actors.  We celebrate winners and troll losers on social media.  Naturally, when we are looking for someone to join our team, company, or school, we look for the most talented.  However, talent distracts us from the true indicator of success: grit.  Many times the most talented quit or fail.  Sometimes this is because they have been coddled because of their talent and not receptive to the feedback that will help them improve.  Other times they think they don't have to improve because they are so talented. While grit might sound ambiguous or like a characteristic that some people have and others don't, fortunately, you can grow grit in yourself and others. Elemen

Nine Ways to Use Facebook Groups to Increase Engagement at Your Church

Many social media managers have seen Facebook engagement decrease as the Facebook algorithm began to favor posts from individuals over posts from pages.  How can you turn this challenge into an opportunity for your church?  Answer: Facebook Groups! Advantages of Using Facebook Groups for Your Church 1. Individuals join Facebook Groups instead of pages so Facebook's algorithm values the posts of group members. 2. Allows your Facebook Page to focus on turning potential visitors into visitors and guests into members while allowing your Facebook Group to focus on turning members into disciples. 3. Group members are notified of all group posts. Even if people follow your Facebook page, many of them will not see your posts. 4. Group members can create posts as well. Ways Churches Can Use Facebook Groups 1. Distribute church announcements 2. Create Facebook events to allow people to indicate attendance and share with others 3. Post weekly prayer targets 4. Share Facebook