Social Media Discipleship: 4 Tips for Creating Content People Will Share

Who are you trying to reach with your church's social media posts? Members? Future members? Both?  While you can use the same accounts to communicate with different audiences, you might consider creating different accounts to communicate with people at different stages of the discipleship journey.  For example, with Facebook you could have an inward-facing Facebook group focused on helping members grow as disciples.  You could then use your church Facebook page to focus on the people in your community outside your church.

From a discipleship perspective, church leaders should help members grow their evangelism.  One way to do this is through social media.  Your members likely want to share your posts, but may feel that they only appeal to members or may be more preachy than their friends can handle at the moment.  Many of your members and their friends probably face challenges.  As a church you could share content that can help them overcome those challenges.  Better yet, you could create the content and host it on your website or blog.  Here are some suggestions:

1. Make a list of challenges people face, including (but not limited to) anxiety, depression, debt, marriage, and parenting.

2. Use a title that will draw readers in, but not overwhelm readers who have limited biblical knowledge.

3. Show people how God's word can help people overcome their challenges.

4. Include a call to action for people to communicate their progress with your tips or subscribe to get more information from you by email.

Following these tips will help you create content your members will share so they can share God within their spheres of influence.  This will allow them to engage in conversations about God with their friends more comfortably and naturally.

What tips for social media evangelism would you add?

Let me know in the comments!


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