What Carnival Cruise Lines Can Teach You About Content Marketing

Carnival Cruise Lines will debut three different television shows on three different networks in October 2016.  Here are some strategies content marketers can employ based on these new TV shows.

Give people a preview of what they can experience with your brand.

While many people have taken a cruise, there are many people who haven't traveled aboard a Fun Ship yet.  Also, there are many ports of call and excursions cruise travelers may not have experienced yet.

Focus on target personas.

Each show focuses on a different persona or traveler.  Ocean Treks focuses on the traveler who values adventure and excitement by showcasing activities like zip-lining and climbing.  The Voyager focuses on the traveler who values immersion in the local culture of the port of call by highlighting, people, culture, and diversity.  Vacation Creation focuses on families for whom a cruise would be a relief from the stresses of their everyday lives.  In different ways, each show prompts viewers to take action by booking a cruise.

Focus on inbound marketing rather than outbound marketing.

Rather than cold call people asking if they want to book a cruise, these shows appeal to viewers' interests and desires, making them more likely to visit the Carnival website or call to book a cruise, resulting in much easier sales.  Instead of trying to convince people to buy your product or service, create content that will bring happy customers to you.

What other content marketing tips can you provide?

Let me know in the comments!


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